Does your article or business letter need a second set of eyes to be sure there are no typos, misspellings, or missed punctuation marks? Straight up proofing is all you need. But if needed, I’ll also correct grammatical errors and check for clarity and flow.

Developmental editing:

Do you need someone to rework a piece of writing—turn competent into superb? You have the basics down, but it lacks polish or zip or flavor or erudition – whatever you are looking for. You want it to be grammatically correct, clear, spelled perfectly, but also tweaked just a bit – while staying true to your “voice” – so that it jumps off the page.


You have great ideas, but writing is not your strong suit. You are intimidated by the idea of writing a whole article or book and yet know you have something to say. What you need is a writer – someone to read your notes, interview you, transcribe your “talk” and then turn it into a professional, polished final product.

Prices vary according to project. Rest assured, you will always receive a proposal/estimate before work begins, as well as a timeline. Email me at with any questions or visit “contact me” page for more ways to reach me.